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    4 Ways to Avoid Catching -- and Spreading -- the Flu Virus

    1. Achoo! Cover Your Mouth and Nose to Stop the Flu
    It starts with a tickle, a prickle, an itch: Achoo! Cover up that sneeze to avoid spreading flu germs. Here's the latest tip on how to cover up the right way.
    2. Prevent Flu: Soap Away Germs
    Scrubbing germy hands is one of the top tips for preventing spread of the flu. So is a quick splash-and-dash all you need?
    3. Don't Be Touchy: Keep Your Hands Off Your Face
    Rubbing your eyes, nose, or mouth is a sure-fire way to get the flu. But how long are surfaces contagious?
    4. Good Health Beats the Flu: The Power of Healthy Habits
    When you're in good health, your immune system is stronger. So keep yourself in top health this flu season -- and throughout next year! Here are five healthy habits to get hooked on.

    Top Tips to Prevent Flu at Work, at Home

    The Office: Go to Work or Stay in Bed?

    Feeling virtuous for going to work when you feel sick? Not so fast. To stop spread of the flu, stay home when you're contagious. How do you know?

    Distance Please: Avoid People Who Are Sick

    Whether the flu has infected your casual friend, or your nearest and dearest, now's the time to avoid close contact. But how close is too close?