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    1. Children and the Flu

      Learn more from WebMD about children and the flu - symptoms to look for, treatment, prevention, and when to seek medical care.

    2. Common Cold Symptoms: What’s Normal, What’s Not

      Are your symptoms those of a common cold, or do you have something else? Find out when to seek care for cold symptoms.

    3. Myths and Facts About Your Immune System

      WebMD separates myths from facts about keeping the immune system strong.

    4. Keeping Catchy Infections Contained

      There’s a bug going around, but don’t let it get you. Learn how to steer clear of catchy infections.

    5. Complications of the Common Cold

      The common cold is usually no cause for concern, but it can sometimes lead to other infections that require a trip to the doctor.

    6. Cough Remedies for Babies and Toddlers

      How to care for babies and toddlers who have coughs or colds. Natural remedies are safe and can soothe. Simple home remedies give babies fast relief from cough and cold symptoms.

    7. Why You Cough

      Get the basics on common triggers, related symptoms, and treatment options for your cough.

    8. What Are Your Odds of Getting the Flu?

      Answers to general and specific questions about the flu, including the 2015-16 flu season, the virus's incubation period, and the number of people who die from the flu.

    9. How Long Is the Flu Contagious?

      The flu is contagious. Here’s what you need to know to help stop the spread.

    10. How Your Immune System Fights Infection

      Got germs? Find out how your immune system protects and defends your good health.

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