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    Medical Reference Related to Cold & Flu

    1. How to Treat the Flu

      A closer look at flu treatments and remedies, from over-the-counter drugs and antivirals to vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements.

    2. What Does the Flu Feel Like?

      Do you know how you might feel with flu symptoms? Learn more about the symptoms of flu and what to expect.

    3. Understanding the Flu: How Do I Know if I Have It?

      Learn more from WebMD about flu symptoms and a variety of flu treatments, including over-the-counter medicine, antivirals, alternative medicine, herbs, dietary supplements and acupuncture.

    4. Flu Treatment With Antibiotics

      Should you use antibiotics for the flu? Get the facts about colds, flu, and antibiotic resistance.

    5. H1N1 Flu Virus (Swine Flu)

      Learn what the H1N1 flu virus (swine flu) is, what causes it, and its symptoms, tests, treatments, and prevention.

    6. Doctor Talk: A Glossary of Flu Terms

      Medical terms related to the flu can be confusing. Here are brief definitions for common terms you may hear from your doctor or friends.

    7. How Does the Flu Affect Older Adults?

      Learn the facts about flu in older adults, including strategies for prevention and treatment.

    8. 10 Tips to Ease Flu Symptoms

      Sick with the flu? Here are 10 simple tips to ease your flu symptoms and get you back on your feet quickly.

    9. Flu Emergency: When to Call a Doctor

      Learn about serious flu-related complications and when to seek care for symptoms of a flu emergency.

    10. Do You Have a Cold or Flu?

      Do you have a cold or the flu? WebMD's symptom chart can help you find out.

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