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    U.S. Swine Flu Vaccinations Start Oct. 6

    Most of First 6 Million Doses Will Be Nasal Spray Vaccine

    Swine Flu Vaccine Distribution 'Bumpy' at First continued...

    "It's going to be a busy and challenging few weeks," Frieden said. "It is going to be bumpy. In different states there will be different levels of preparedness and readiness and planning. There will undoubtedly be places where people want to get vaccinated and can't in early to mid-October, particularly."

    Eventually, Frieden promised, there will be enough vaccine for any U.S. resident who wants it.

    Frieden urged people not to wait for the H1N1 swine flu vaccine, but to get their seasonal flu shots right away. He was asked about reports from Canada of unpublished research suggesting that people who got seasonal flu shots might be more susceptible to swine flu.

    "We have looked at our data at CDC and our data from New York City from when I was health commissioner. The Australians have already published their data, and in none of these studies is any indication that seasonal vaccination affects the likelihood of getting H1N1," Frieden said. "Nothing we have seen suggests there is a problem."

    Frieden also addressed a study in the New England Journal of Medicine suggesting that for preventing seasonal flu, FluMist may be less effective than traditional flu shots. He said that those findings applied to one particular flu season, with one particular formulation of flu vaccine.

    "For this season, for this vaccine, all bets are off as to which is better," Frieden said. "It is likely both the nasal spray and the shot will be quite effective."

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