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    22 Million Cases of Swine Flu in U.S.

    Up to 6,100 Deaths -- and Counting -- as Flu Hits 'Historic Levels'

    Young People Hit Hardest by H1N1 Swine Flu

    During a normal flu season, nine out of 10 deaths are in elderly people. What makes the H1N1 swine flu death toll most shocking is that the vast majority of deaths have been in people under age 65 -- with a very large percentage under age 18.

    Here are the new CDC estimates, as of Oct. 17:

    2009 H1N1


    Estimated Range *


    0-17 years

    ~8 million

    ~5 million to ~13 million

    18-64 years

    ~12 million

    ~7 million to ~18 million

    65 years and older

    ~2 million

    ~1 million to ~3 million

    Cases Total

    ~22 million

    ~14 million to ~34 million


    0-17 years


    ~23,000 to ~57,000

    18-64 years


    ~34,000 to ~83,000

    65 years and older


    ~6,000 to ~14,000

    Hospitalizations Total


    ~63,000 to ~153,000


    0-17 years


    ~300 to ~800

    18-64 years


    ~1,900 to ~4,600

    65 years and older


    ~300 to ~700

    Deaths Total


    ~2,500 to ~6,100

    H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine: Dribble, Not Flow

    To date, 41.6 million doses of the H1N1 swine flu vaccine have been made available to states. Production continues to be slower than expected.

    Just last week, manufacturers told the CDC that they'd deliver 8 million new doses.

    "We now expect substantially less," Schuchat said.

    While encouraging people at risk of severe flu to seek the vaccine, the CDC is working hard to make sure people know that effective treatments are available.

    People at risk of severe illness should be treated with Tamiflu or Relenza at the first sign of flu symptoms. Although the drugs are most effective if taken within 48 hours of symptoms, they still are helpful if given later.

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