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  1. Swine Flu: How Long Are You Infectious?

    Sept. 15, 2009 (San Francisco) -- Some swine flu patients are still infected with H1N1 virus that they can transmit to other people eight to 10 days after their symptoms strike, researchers say. The finding suggests that the CDC’s recommendation for people with flu-like illness to avoid others until

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  2. IV Drug Fights Flu as Well as Tamiflu

    Sept. 14, 2009 (San Francisco) -- One IV treatment of the investigational flu drug peramivir works as well as five days of Tamiflu pills, suggests a large study that pitted one drug against the other. An injectable flu drug is badly needed because many sick people can't swallow pills and severe illn

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  3. Swine Flu Shot Gives Fast Protection

    Sept. 11, 2009 - You'll be protected from swine flu eight to 10 days after getting a single shot of the H1N1 swine flu vaccine -- at least if you're a healthy adult, U.S. studies show. Results of studies in children, who may still need two doses of the swine flu vaccine, won't be available for two w

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  4. 'Devil's Dung' Plant May Fight Swine Flu

    Sept. 11, 2009 -- A plant commonly called "devil's dung" for its foul smell may have flu-fighting properties that include H1N1 flu, new research shows. The plant, which has the scientific name of Ferula assa-foetida, grows mainly in Iran, Afghanistan, and mainland China. It's long been used in folk

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  5. 1 Swine Flu Shot Enough?

    Sept. 10, 2009 - Adults are immune to swine flu after just one shot of vaccine, early test results suggest. It's a surprise finding. Most experts expected that two shots of the vaccine -- given three weeks apart -- would be needed. Now vaccine supplies may go twice as far, and may start working twic

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  6. Give Kids First Shot at Swine Flu Vaccine?

    Sept. 10, 2009 -- An all-out vaccination program that would target children first could mitigate the impact of an H1N1 swine flu pandemic this fall, new research indicates. Such a concerted vaccination effort could lead to coverage of 70% of the U.S. population, say researchers at the Fred Hutchinso

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  7. Businesses Fret Effects of Swine Flu

    Sept. 9, 2009 -- A new survey shows that most U.S. businesses are concerned that swine flu will have a negative effect on business if cases are widespread and severe this fall and winter. The survey, conducted in July and August by the Harvard Opinion Research Program at the Harvard School of Public

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  8. Swine Flu Breaks Out Across U.S.

    Sept. 8, 2009 -- Outbreaks on college campuses are signaling swine flu hot spots as fast-spreading H1N1 swine flu gives an early start to the fall flu season. College campuses as far apart as Emory in urban Atlanta and Washington State in rural Pullman report explosive outbreaks of swine flu. The ac

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  9. New Details on Swine Flu Deaths in Kids

    Sept. 3, 2009 - A third of the 36 kids who died of H1N1 swine flu by las t August had no underlying medical condition, the CDC reports. Four of the otherwise healthy kids who died of swine flu were aged 2 years or younger. Kids under 5, and especially those under age 2, are at particularly high risk

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  10. Stopping Swine Flu Up to You

    Aug. 26, 2009 -- Who's on the front line of this fall's flu fight? You are, say HHS and CDC officials. Until Thanksgiving, at the earliest, it's going to be up to you to try not to catch the flu. And if you do catch the flu, it's going to be up to you to try not to infect anyone else. Why? The gover

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