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    Cold, Flu, & Cough Health Center

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    1. Video: How to Wash Your Hands

      Scrub away! There’s a correct way to wash your hands and get rid of germs.

    2. Take Child Temperature

      Easy steps for taking your child’s temperature.

    3. Treat Child Earache

      Simple steps you can take at home to ease your child’s earache.

    4. Treat Child Sore Throat

      Simple ways mom or dad can ease symptoms of their child’s sore throat.

    5. Treat Child Cough

      Easy tips for calming your child’s cough.

    6. Too Sick to Work?

      You’re sick, but you’re debating whether you should still go in to work. We’ll help you decide.

    7. Treat Child Fever

      Most fevers are nothing to worry about, but there are simple ways to help make it better.

    8. Cold Myths Facts

      The common cold comes with common annoyances. Get the myths and facts about how to cure a cold and what really helps prevent cold symptoms from getting you down.

    9. Cold Home Remedies

      See what America says for tips on easing the symptoms of your cold

    10. CDC Director Tom Frieden, MD, on Antibiotics

      CDC Director Tom Frieden, MD, on Antibiotics

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