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    Colorectal Cancer Health Center

    Medical Reference Related to Colorectal Cancer

    1. Inherited Colorectal Cancer

      WebMD explains the two most common inherited forms of colorectal cancer and how they are detected and treated.

    2. Laparoscopic Abdominoperineal Resection

      Colorectal cancer may be treated with a laparoscopic abdominoperineal resection, an operation in which the anus, rectum, and sigmoid colon are removed and a colostomy performed. Learn more from WebMD.

    3. Colostomy Questions and Answers

      WebMD provides answers to questions about living with a colostomy, including care, travel, and supplies.

    4. Follow-Up Care for Colorectal Cancer

      Follow-up care after treatment for colorectal cancer is very important. WebMD tells you what to expect.

    5. Clinical Trials for Colorectal Cancer

      WebMD explains the basics of participating in a clinical trial if you have colorectal cancer.

    6. Colonoscopy

      Colonoscopy screens for abnormalities, including cancer, in the colon and rectum. Learn more from WebMD.

    7. Tips for Family and Friends of People With Colorectal Cancer

      WebMD offers coping tips for family and friends of someone with diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

    8. Colorectal Cancer Clinical Trials

      Participation in colorectal cancer clinical trials can provide up-to-the-minute treatment. WebMD directs you to organizations that list ongoing clinical trials.

    9. What Is Colorectal Cancer?

      WebMD explains the function of the colon and rectum and how colorectal cancer starts.

    10. Specialists Who Treat Colorectal Cancer

      WebMD guides you through the process of assembling a medical team of specialists to provide the very best treatment plan for colorectal cancer.

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