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    Medical Reference Related to Colorectal Cancer

    1. Genetic Testing and Colorectal Cancer

      If there a genetic test to determine your risk of getting colorectal cancer? Find out more.

    2. Laparoscopic Proctosigmoidectomy and Colorectal Cancer

      A laparoscopic proctosigmoidectomy is a surgery that removes a diseased section of the rectum and sigmoid colon. Learn how it can help treat colorectal cancer.

    3. What's Your Risk for Colorectal Cancer?

      Determine your risk factor of developing colorectal cancer by answering some questions.

    4. Curing Colorectal Cancer

      Colorectal cancer can come back after treatment. Find out what happens when it returns.

    5. Ileocolectomy and Right Colectomy (Removal of the Right Colon)

      Read about laparoscopic ileocolectomy and right colectomy for colorectal cancer and other bowel problems.

    6. Biopsy for Colorectal Cancer

      Learn more about how a biopsy for colorectal cancer is done and what to expect if you need one.

    7. Immunotherapy for Colorectal Cancer

      Immunotherapy, also called biological therapy, is a type of treatment that uses the body's own immune system to fight colorectal cancer. Read about it here.

    8. Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

      Doctors use flexible sigmoidoscopy to examine the rectum and the lower part of the colon. Learn what to expect during this procedure.

    9. Air Contrast Barium Enema

      An air contrast barium enema is a test used to obtain a visual image of the colon. Learn more about the procedure here.

    10. Laparoscopic Fecal Diversion

      Laparoscopic fecal diversion is a type of surgery for some bowel problems. Fecal diversion inculdes ileostomy and colostomy. Learn more.

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