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  1. St. John's Wort and Chemo Don't Mix

    Aug. 20, 2002 -- Taking St. John's wort during chemotherapy could jeopardize the effectiveness of cancer treatment. A new study shows the popular herbal supplement speeds the metabolism of the chemotherapy drug Camptosar, which compromises its tumor-fighting capabilities. The study appears in the Au

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  2. Growth Hormone Linked to Cancer

    July 25, 2002 -- Use of human growth hormone may be linked to cancer, British researchers report. It's likely not a problem for people who need the hormone for medical reasons. But those who take costly "anti-aging" growth hormones may risk more than their money. The study in the July 27 issue of Th

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  3. Easier Colorectal Cancer Screening Option

    -->May 30, 2002 -- A new, non-invasive test may take some of the discomfort and fear out of screening for colorectal cancer. British researchers have developed a new fecal test that detects cancerous cells in stool samples. Colorectal cancers cause more than 500,000 deaths worldwide each year. Exper

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  4. Boning Up on Calcium Fights Colon Cancer

    March 19, 2002 -- A diet rich in calcium may help reduce the risk of some types of colon cancer, according to a new study. But don't go adding calcium supplements to your daily regimen just yet. Researchers say there's a limit to the mineral's cancer-fighting abilities. The study, published in the M

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  5. Doctors May Miss Second Colon Cancer

    Feb. 19, 2002 -- A new study suggests that colon cancer patients may not be getting the best care possible. Researchers say that current care may allow a second colon cancer to grow unnoticed. Colon cancer affects more than 130,000 Americans each year and is the second leading cause of cancer deaths

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  6. Well-Rounded Prevention May Lower Colon Cancer Risk

    Feb. 4, 2002 -- You've often heard prevention is the best medicine, and you may even know some of the items you need to help prevent colon cancer are right in your medicine cabinet. But did you know that any colon prevention plan is not complete without lifestyle changes and routine screening exams

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  7. New Colon Cancer Test Shows Promise

    Jan. 30, 2002 -- Perfecting a simple, accurate, and noninvasive diagnostic test has been the elusive Holy Grail of colorectal cancer research. The best existing tests are highly invasive and widely perceived as uncomfortable or painful. As a result, many people who should be tested for colon cancer

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  8. Colorectal Cancer Tests Are Not Created Equal

    Aug. 22, 2001 -- Colorectal cancers kill more Americans each year than any malignancy except lung cancer, and a large number of those deaths could be prevented with better screening. But a new study offers more evidence that the most widely used screening methods are not created equal. The study, re

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  9. Will Colonoscopy Meet Its Match?

    May 30, 2001 -- More than 90% of cancers of the colon and rectum, called colorectal cancer, can be cured if detected and treated early enough, but many adults are reluctant to undergo screening for the disease because it involves a procedure with a high "ugh!" factor: colonoscopy. This standard tech

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  10. Colon Cancer Treatment May Be More Toxic Than Thought

    May 17, 2001 -- The newest front-line treatment for patients with advanced colon cancer, approved by the FDA just over a year ago, may be more toxic than previously believed. According to a letter to the editor that was slated to appear in the June 21 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine, tw

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