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  1. Colorectal Cancer Screening Revisited

    Feb. 3, 2003 -- New colorectal cancer screening guidelines released today emphasize the need to start screening at age 50, but scale back the frequency of surveillance or follow-up screening for most people who have already had potentially pre-cancerous growths in their colon removed. Researchers sa

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  2. New Drug Improves Colon Cancer Survival

    Jan. 3, 2003 -- A new kind of cancer treatment makes chemotherapy work better in people with advanced colon cancer. The treatment is Avastin -- formerly called anti-VEGF -- the first of a new kind of cancer therapies. Conventional chemotherapy simply kills fast-growing cells -- including cancer cell

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  3. 'Pill-Cam' Beats X-Ray in Finding Tumors

    Dec. 3, 2002 (Chicago) -- A pill-sized camera that patients swallow in order to take doctors on a "fantastic voyage" through the small intestine is more accurate at detecting ulcers and tumors than either CT scans or traditional X-ray studies, according to researchers from the Mayo Clinic. The "pill

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  4. Colon Cancer Test -- Once May Be Enough

    Dec. 3, 2002 -- Colorectal cancer is highly curable when detected early, but the thought of having a tube inserted into the rectum -- and going back regularly for more -- scares many people away. Now, preliminary results from a new study suggest a less aggressive approach can save lives. The ongoing

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  5. Colon Cancer Rise Linked to Beef, Pork

    Nov. 15, 2002 -- A new study serves as good evidence that a western diet can more than double the risk of colon cancer. Researchers found that an increasingly western diet has led to a dramatic rise in colorectal cancer in Singapore. Rates of the cancer have doubled in the past three decades, largel

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  6. Carriers of Mutated Gene at Risk for Colon Cancer

    -->Sept. 20, 2002 -- Researchers have discovered that carriers of a genetic mutation appear to have an increased risk for colon cancer. The new study looks at Bloom syndrome, a rare disorder that frequently leads to cancer. Bloom syndrome is caused by mutations in a protective gene known as BLM. The

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  7. St. John's Wort and Chemo Don't Mix

    Aug. 20, 2002 -- Taking St. John's wort during chemotherapy could jeopardize the effectiveness of cancer treatment. A new study shows the popular herbal supplement speeds the metabolism of the chemotherapy drug Camptosar, which compromises its tumor-fighting capabilities. The study appears in the Au

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  8. Growth Hormone Linked to Cancer

    July 25, 2002 -- Use of human growth hormone may be linked to cancer, British researchers report. It's likely not a problem for people who need the hormone for medical reasons. But those who take costly "anti-aging" growth hormones may risk more than their money. The study in the July 27 issue of Th

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  9. Easier Colorectal Cancer Screening Option

    -->May 30, 2002 -- A new, non-invasive test may take some of the discomfort and fear out of screening for colorectal cancer. British researchers have developed a new fecal test that detects cancerous cells in stool samples. Colorectal cancers cause more than 500,000 deaths worldwide each year. Exper

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  10. Boning Up on Calcium Fights Colon Cancer

    March 19, 2002 -- A diet rich in calcium may help reduce the risk of some types of colon cancer, according to a new study. But don't go adding calcium supplements to your daily regimen just yet. Researchers say there's a limit to the mineral's cancer-fighting abilities. The study, published in the M

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