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    10 Questions to Ask Doctor About Depression

    If you were recently diagnosed with depression, ask your doctor these questions at your next visit.

    1. Is there a medical or physical cause for my depression?

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    2. What are the pros and cons of treating depression with medicine or psychotherapy?

    3. What are the side effects and long-term effects of the prescribed medication?

    4. Does the prescribed medicine require medical monitoring with blood tests or blood pressure readings?

    5. How long will it take for the treatment to work?

    6. What are the effects of drinking alcohol while taking the prescribed depression medicine?

    7. If I am sexually active, is it safe to become pregnant while taking the prescribed depression medicine?

    8. Do St. John's wort and other herbal therapies help with depression?

    9. What can be done to prevent my depression from recurring?

    10. Does depression run in families? Will my children be depressed?

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    Reviewed by Joseph Goldberg, MD on May 10, 2014

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