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  1. Fish Oil to Treat Depression?

    Dave thinks a lot about fish these days. Study after study has suggested benefits for omega-3 fatty acids, which are plentiful in certain fish oils. But what intrigues Dave isn't that omega-3s might reduce his risk of heart attack, or ease the pain of arthritis. He's hoping to lubricate his mind. A

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  2. Murder-suicides in Elderly Rise

    One Sunday morning, Charlie Woods returned home from church to find two police officers waiting at his door. First the officers asked if he had any health problems. Then they told him both his parents were dead. His father had killed his mother, firing six bullets through the bedroom door of their T

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  3. Summer Sun for Winter Blues

    Spending time basking in the sun may be more important than you think. Sure, it's a sensual pleasure and brightens your day. But far beyond that, the summer sun may help you avoid winter depression. Called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), seasonal depression and mood variation is known to be relat

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  4. Facts About Food Fads

    A trip to the health food store can be daunting these days. The consumer is typically confronted by shelf after shelf of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other so-called natural substances, all touted as enhancing well-being in some way. Many of these over-the-counter products make subtle claims about

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  5. Emotional Survival Guide for the Holidays

    Experts explain some simple methods for driving away the holiday blues.

  6. Health Tip: Holiday Dos and Don’ts

    The holidays should be about making good memories, not about making things perfect. These 5 tips start you on your way to happy holidays.

  7. What Should Parents Do

    What Should Parents Do

  8. Depression Is Your Child Depressed?

    Depression: Is Your Child Depressed?

  9. Finding a Doctor & Therapist

  10. Health Tip: Less Stress in 7 Steps

    Feeling stressed? Here are seven simple steps for breathing your way out of stress.

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