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    Top 7 Therapy Myths Debunked

    Talk therapy may be getting a bad rap. Here's the reality.

    All therapists are the same. continued...

    “Don’t think that whoever you meet with first will be the right fit for you,” says Berman, who hosts the Love and Sex Show with Dr. Jenn on Sirius/XM radio. “Shop around for the right person.”

    Her advice is to talk to a half-dozen different therapists as a good benchmark and then pick the expert that best meets your needs.

    Look for someone who is a licensed therapist, with expertise in the area in which you are seeking help -- whether it's marriage counseling, traumatic stress, or eating disorders, for instance -- and someone with whom you just have good chemistry and have a sense of comfort.

    I don’t need therapy, just drugs.

    This is never the answer,” says Leiberman, host of Internet radio show Dr. Carole’s Couch. “If you need medication to treat your mental health issues, then you definitely need therapy as well.”

    The medication, she says, is just a bandage. Without therapy as part of your treatment plan, you run the risk of just covering up your symptoms and not treating the underlying issue.

    “Therapy is what gets to the root of the problem,” Leiberman says. “It’s talking about a person’s issues, learning more about where they stem from, and understanding and treating the cause.”

    The real value to your mental health comes from uncovering your issues, gaining insight into what went wrong, and then starting to look for a better path forward, Leiberman says.

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