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Top 7 Therapy Myths Debunked

Talk therapy may be getting a bad rap. Here's the reality.

It’s going to send me over the edge.

Think talk therapy and rehashing the past is going to overwhelm you and push you over the edge? In all likelihood, that won't happen.

“Lots of people think that the pain of therapy will be so overwhelming they will lose it,” Lieberman says. “A good therapist knows how far each patient can go at a particular moment and when to pull back.”

Therapy isn’t an instant fix. It's done in spoon-sized pieces that are as much as a person can deal with at the moment.

“People are skittish because they sometimes think therapy is like walking around with an open wound,” Berman says. “But it’s important to remember that you are in charge of guiding how far you want to go, and when. And again, with the right therapist, you’ll work together to find an appropriate pace that meets your needs and makes you feel safe.”

I don’t have time.

In this day and age, this misunderstanding falls flat.

“These days, you can easily find a therapist who will see you on the weekends or during evening hours,” Berman says.

Therapists know that some patients are strapped for time, so off-hours are a must she says. And it’s not only flexible time that therapists offer; they leverage technology, too.

“If you can meet with a therapist face to face, and establish where you need to go, many will even have phone sessions, or talk over video on the Internet,” Berman says. “While in-person is ideal, we do what we have to do.”

Reviewed on June 08, 2011

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