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    Depression Health Center

    Overview & Facts

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    Do you suffer with depression? Maybe you’ve recently been diagnosed or are a caregiver to someone with depression. Learn more about this common mood disorder, including depression causes, risk factors, and prevention. We’ll help you take control of your depression and live an active, healthy life.

    Depression Facts

    Want to learn all about depression? Find answers as you read about this common mood disorder – depression -- that affects adults, teens, and kids alike.

    Depression affects children in different ways, and sometimes it’s misdiagnosed. Learn more about childhood depression and what you can do to help your child.

    Discover the symptoms of teen depression. Teen depression can be masked by adolescent hormones, so learn when to call the doctor for a medical evaluation.

    Learn about other mental health problems that may co-exist with depression, including anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and panic disorder. Discover the signs, symptoms, and causes.


    Learn more about what causes depression, including the genetic link, so you can seek treatment before depression robs you of your quality of life.

    Be sure to read about medicines that can cause symptoms of depression. Then talk with your doctor about your concerns if you’re taking one of these medicines.

    Learn about thyroid-related depression and about other hormone-related conditions such as menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause that are often associated with depression.

    Many people with chronic illness experience depression. Learn more about the symptoms of depression with chronic illnesses, available treatment options, and tips for coping with chronic illness and depression.

    Discover more about chronic pain and depression, and learn how your doctor might treat your pain and depression symptoms.

    Grief is a normal feeling after any type of major loss. Find out more about grief -- the symptoms and causes -- and what to do if grief is prolonged.

    There’s a strong link between serious alcohol use and depression. The question is, does regular drinking lead to depression, or are depressed people more likely to drink too much? Both are possible.

    Are You at Risk?

    Learn what increases your chances of having depression. Discover ways to protect you and your family from suffering with depression symptoms.


    Looking for ways to prevent depression? Discover lifestyle habits that may keep your mood boosted along with medications that effectively treat depression symptoms.

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