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National Alliance on Mental Illness

The National Alliance on Mental Illness or NAMI works to support and educate the public about various mental disorders with the goal of improving the quality of life for all persons diagnosed with mental illness. NAMI’s web site provides the latest facts, statistics, and research advances on different types of mental health conditions.

National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare

The National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare is a nonprofit group with member organizations across the United States. The web site explains its goal of assisting people with mental illnesses and addiction disorders so they can recover and lead active and productive lives. The web site also provides available support services along with inspirational patient stories.

National Institute of Mental Health

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is the largest research organization in the world that focuses on mental health diseases. The NIMH web site provides in-depth information and the latest findings on topics ranging from anxiety, ADHD, and autism to OCD, panic disorder, and depression.

Depression on MedicineNet

Here you’ll find frequently asked questions about depression from MedicineNet. Learn more about depression from this team of physicians and medical writers. 

Depression on eMedicineHealth

At eMedicineHealth, you can read comprehensive material about depression, the causes, symptoms, and treatment. 

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