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    Learn more about treatment for depression in men, women, and older adults, as well as the problem of treatment-resistant depression.



    Learn all about different depression treatment options. Find out about depression medicines and other depression remedies to see which may work best for you.

    There are many types of depression medicines today. Learn about antidepressants -- the effects and side effects -- and work with your doctor to select the best depression medicine for your symptoms.

    Find out how talk therapy works to lift mood and help patients with depression improve coping skills.

    Electroconvulsive therapy, or ECT, is used for severe depression or when depression medicines fail to work. Find out more about ECT and who might benefit most.

    Learn about interpersonal therapy for depression in children and addresses group sessions, techniques, and what to expect.

    Find out about the effectiveness of psychodynamic therapy for depression.

    Learn why cognitive behavioral therapy might be used to treat depression, how this approach works, and what to expect in sessions.

    Special Situations

    Learn all about depression in special situations, including depression in men and how it’s different from depression in women. Find out about depression in older adults and treatment-resistant depression.

    Depression in women is increasingly common. Find out the symptoms of depression in women and what medical treatment can do to manage these depression symptoms.

    Depression in seniors is often confused with signs of serious illnesses or grieving. Learn the specific symptoms of depression in older adults and talk to your doctor.

    Treatment-resistant depression should be taken very seriously. Find out who’s at risk for treatment-resistant depression and how a doctor can help manage the symptoms.

    Why does someone have withdrawal symptoms after taking antidepressants and how can it be overcome? WebMD explains.

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