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    1. High-Tech Treatments for Depression

      Researchers are constantly working on new treatments for chronic, treatment-resistant depression. WebMD talks about the latest high-tech treatments for depression.

    2. Understanding Depression Disguises

      WebMD explains how depression can disguise itself - and how to recognize symptoms in yourself.

    3. Depression in Men

      Although men don't always talk about feelings of depression, depression in men is common. WebMD explains the symptoms of clinical or major depression in men and why men often have a tough time admitting they are depressed.

    4. Depression In the Elderly

      Depression is common in elderly adults, but it isn't normal. WebMD explains the signs of depression in your aging loved one and different treatment options.

    5. Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) for Depression

      Electroconvulsive therapy is often used effectively for depression that is hard to treat. WebMD discusses how it works and explains the side effects and risks.

    6. Depression: Where to Seek Care

      WebMD tells you which health care providers treat depression.

    7. Diagnosing Depression

      WebMD explains how depression is diagnosed.

    8. Mental Health: Depression

      WebMD provides an overview of depression types, their symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.

    9. Chronic Pain and Depression: Managing Pain When You're Depressed

      Depression can magnify pain and make it harder to cope. The good news is that effective treatments can relieve depression and make chronic pain more tolerable. Learn more from WebMD.

    10. Depression: Treating Depression With Medication

      WebMD explains the use of antidepressants to treat depression and some of the risks they may pose.

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