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    Action Plan Step #4: Talk to Your Doctor About Your Treatment Plan

    Work with your doctor to find the best drug or drug choices for your depression. Don't settle for anything less than remission.

    But treating depression involves more than just taking a pill. Lifestyle changes including regular exercise, healthy eating habits, and social support are also part of the treatment plan, he says. When you're depressed, it is often difficult to reach out and ask for help. Talk to your doctor about lifestyle changes that can help you feel better until your medication kicks in.

    Action Plan Step #5: Manage Depression Symptoms

    Stick with a schedule that includes regular exercise, set sleep and wake times, showering, and socializing. "Stick to your schedule, and eventually these things will become enjoyable again," he says.

    It may take a while before you start to feel better, which is a normal part of learning how to manage your depression. Use these tips -- along with support from your doctor and therapist -- to help you manage your depression symptoms and feel better.