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    Slideshows Related to Depression

    1. Slideshow: Surprising Signs of Depression

      Worried you may be depressed or that a loved one needs help? See some signs of depression beyond sadness and trouble sleeping -- and when to seek help.

    2. Slideshow: 11 Warning Signs of a Depression Relapse

      See some signs depression may be back. Learn when sadness, sleeping habits, irritability, and more may be signs to seek help for depression.

    3. Depression Overview Slideshow

      What is depression? WebMD provides information on symptoms, tests, and treatments for many types of the disorder.

    4. Slideshow: A Visual Guide to Postpartum Depression

      Many new moms get the “baby blues,” but postpartum depression is more serious. Our slideshow covers the symptoms, treatments, and ways to feel better from postpartum depression.

    5. Slideshow: Myths and Facts About Depression

      Folk remedies and half-truths still prevent many from getting treatment for depression. Pictures show unusual symptoms in men, seniors, and others, along with many ways to recover.

    6. Depression Slideshow: Tips for Exercise, Diet and Stress Reduction

      The right exercise, diet, and activities -- even playing with a pet -- can help you recover from depression. Watch this slideshow to see simple things you can do to improve your mood.

    7. Foods That Help Fight Depression

      Your diet won’t cure depression, but some foods might give your body a little help in fighting it.

    8. Slideshow: Myths and Facts About Therapy

      False ideas scare many people away from a therapist and the quick relief these helping pros can provide. See if you can tell the myths from the facts in this slideshow from our medical editors.

    9. Celebrities With Depression

      A number of brave celebrities admit to having depression and struggling with sadness.

    10. Slideshow: Help Your Depression Treatment Work

      Get tips on dealing with depression. See how you can get more from your depression medicine -- including exercise, diet, and supplement information.

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