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9. Make an easy fruit salad.

With a few chops of a knife, you can turn a few pieces of fruit into a beautiful fruit salad. Drizzle lemon or orange juice over the top. Then toss to coat the fruit. The vitamin C in the citrus juice helps prevent browning.

10. Choose drinks wisely.

Instead of soda, sweetened drinks, or fruit juice, drink protein-rich beverages such as skim or 1% milk. Or sip no-calorie tea, coffee, or water.

11. Slow down.

Fast eaters tend to eat more. It takes at least 20 minutes for your brain to get the message that your stomach is officially "comfortable" and that you should stop eating. So eat slowly and calmly. As you do, you'll be more aware of the textures and flavors and feel more satisfied.

12. Cut out evening snacks.

Avoid late-night snacking unless your blood sugar is too low or your doctor or certified diabetes educator recommends having an evening snack. Drink a cup of no-caffeine tea instead.