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If you have diabetes, traveling requires extra planning. Changes in meal patterns, activity levels, and time zones can affect your blood sugar levels with diabetes. That's why it's important to have some key reminders to make traveling with diabetes much easier:

Before You Travel With Diabetes

  • Make an appointment with your health care provider to discuss your travel plans.
  • Provide advance notice to your airline. You may request special meals in advance.
  • Get twice as many supplies needed to travel and bring extra prescriptions and a letter from your doctor explaining that you have diabetes.
  • If you need immunization shots, plan to get them three to four weeks before your vacation. Some of these shots can upset your blood sugar levels.
  • Be prepared. Know what facilities are available within the region that you will be traveling.

What Should I Bring When Traveling With Diabetes?

  • Bring your doctor's name and phone number and keep it with you at all times.
  • Bring a list of current medicines and keep it with you at all times.
  • Always carry and wear medical identification that states that you have diabetes.
  • Keep medicines, syringes, blood glucose testing supplies, and all oral medications in your carry-on luggage. Do not check these supplies with your luggage in case it is lost. Also, the cargo hold is not heated or insulated well, so medicine and supplies can be damaged.
  • Take enough medicines and medical supplies to last an extra week in case you get stranded or stay longer than you planned.
  • Have a traveling companion carry some of your medical supplies, if possible.
  • Always carry some type of sugar source in case you develop hypoglycemia.
  • Inform the airlines, cruise ships, and tour guides in advance that you have diabetes. Most airlines and cruise ships will provide special meals.
  • Test your blood sugar more often than usual.

Traveling With Diabetes: At the Airport

Steps you can take to make your trip through airport security with diabetes supplies hassle-free include:

  • Make sure you tell security that you are diabetic and that you are carrying medical supplies. Your supplies can be taken through security check points, but they must have a prescription label on them
  • All of your supplies should have a proper manufacturer's label.
  • Syringes will be allowed through security if you have insulin as well.
  • If you are wearing an insulin pump, you must notify security. They will visually inspect the meter. You must request that the meter not be removed.
  • Be sure to check the latest information on the Transportation Security Administration web site on what you can take on board with you if you are flying and have diabetes.

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