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Powerful Diabetes Control

Diet, medicine, and exercise: Together, they create a powerful synergy for managing diabetes. How can you tap this power?

Diabetes Control...for Life

7 Tips for Controlling Diabetes for Life
Become the most important part of your diabetes team. From regular care to avoiding complications, get tips on taking control -- today.

Top Tips for Diabetes Meal Management

Brush Up on Diabetes Diet Basics
The best diabetes diet is simple. Just follow the ABCs for good results.
A Balanced Diabetes Diet, Made Easy
Give yourself plenty of food and snacks with this sample meal plan.

Diabetes Treatment: You Have Choices

Insulin: Which Is Right for You?
Long-acting, pre-mixed, inhaled: Which insulin fits your diabetes needs? When should each be taken? And how long do they last?
6 Oral Medicines for Diabetes
Are diet and exercise doing enough for your diabetes? Find out how non-insulin medications like sulfonylureas, biguanides, or combination therapy may help.
New Advances in Diabetes Treatment
Today's new diabetes drugs offer ever-better control. Fewer side effects. Weight loss. More convenience. Is one of the new diabetes drugs right for you?
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