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    Diabetes: Tips for Daily Foot Care


    Your Daily Foot Exam Checklist continued...

    Call Your Doctor if You Notice:

    • Changes in skin color.
    • Changes in skin temperature.
    • Swelling in your foot or ankle.
    • Pain in your legs.
    • Open sores on your feet that are draining or slow to heal.
    • Ingrown toenails or toenails infected with fungus.
    • Corns or calluses.
    • Dry cracks in the skin, especially around the heel.
    • Unusual and/or persistent foot odor.

    How to Protect Your Feet:

    • Don't go barefoot.
    • Wear only flat shoes that cover your feet.
    • Break in new footwear gradually.
    • Make sure shoes fit properly.
    • Always wear cotton or wool socks.
    • Buy shoes when wearing your normal socks.
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    Reviewed on October 28, 2011
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