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    How Is Heart Disease Treated in Those With Diabetes?

    There are several treatment options for heart disease in those with diabetes, depending on the severity of the heart disease, including:

    How Is Peripheral Vascular Disease Treated?

    Peripheral vascular disease is treated by:

    • Participation in a regular walking program (45 minutes per day, followed by rest)
    • Special footwear
    • Aiming for an A1c below 7%
    • Lowering your blood pressure to less than 130/80
    • Geting your cholesterol to below 100
    • Aspirin therapy*
    • Medicines
    • Stopping smoking
    • Surgery (in some cases)

    *Low-dose aspirin therapy is recommended for men and women with types 1 or 2 diabetes who are over age 40 and are at high risk for heart disease and peripheral vascular disease. Talk to your doctor to determine if aspirin therapy is right for you. If you have certain medical conditions, aspirin therapy may not be recommended.

    How Can Heart Disease Be Prevented in a Person With Diabetes?

    The best way to prevent heart disease is to take good care of yourself and your diabetes.


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