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    6 Tips if You're Tired of Your Diabetes

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    When you have diabetes, it can feel like your daily to-do list is endless. You're tracking your blood sugars, medications, diet, and exercise.

    That can be a lot to take care of every day. It can make you feel burned out.

    "When you have a chronic illness, everybody wants a day off from that, or a week or a month off," says David Spero, RN, author of Diabetes: Sugar-Coated Crisis.

    But you can't do that with diabetes. So how do you avoid diabetes burnout and keep a positive mindset?

    Some days will be harder than others, but there are ways to do it.

    1. Reach out.

    "The most important thing is to get help," Spero says. "The number one cause of burnout is people are trying to do everything themselves and get overwhelmed."

    Research shows that social support -- from a friend, family member, or support group -- is one of the top ways to counter the negative effects of stress on diabetes management.

    "When you feel like you're in this alone, it's going to be exhausting," Spero says. "But if you feel you have help, it's much easier."

    Lisa Bernard, who lives in Pavilion, N.Y., and has type 2 diabetes, is grateful she can vent to friends on online forums.

    "The most morale-boosting, uplifting thing is chatting with people who understand what it is like to ride the roller coaster of high glucose," she says. "Who else would understand our frustrations? These people 'get it' in ways I pray my dear family and friends neverwill."

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