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    Sleep and Diabetes: The Secret Link

    How to Get There

    “We're all going to have some nights of not enough sleep,” Chaparro says.

    She suggests using blackened windows or heavy drapes to keep out all light. A little bedtime snack, like an apple or yogurt, might keep you from getting up in the middle of the night, too.

    Antinori-Lent suggests you keep the TV out of the bedroom -- read a book to help you wind down.

    Also. go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time -- experts say that's key to keeping your body’s clock on track.

    The National Sleep Foundation offers these tips to help you sleep soundly:

    • Stick to a relaxing bedtime routine.
    • Avoid naps that can throw off your rhythm.
    • Exercise regularly.
    • Keep your room between 60-67 degrees.
    • Sleep on a good mattress and pillows.
    • See your doctor if you still have trouble getting good Zzz's. A lack of shut-eye, or trouble falling asleep, could be a sign of another condition, like sleep apnea.

    “We not only have to think about how much [we] sleep but when we sleep,” Redline says, “and that there's this intersection, or even possibly synergy, between our sleep duration and our circadian rhythms. And that having a misaligned rhythm, especially in connection with not getting enough sleep, may be a double whammy on the metabolic system.”

    If that's the case for you, then “you don’t have to take medication," Antinori-Lent says. "You just have to develop a healthy habit.”

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    Reviewed on December 01, 2015

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