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High-Tech Tools to Help You Handle Diabetes

Apps to Stay on Track continued...

Apps can help you track:

  • Calories, carbs, and other nutritional information 
  • Daily exercise and calories burned
  • Stress levels
  • Blood sugar test results

"Keeping a food diary can really help you manage your diabetes. With a phone app, you have it with you all the time, which makes it easier to keep up with," Moore says. "People get tired of checking their blood sugar, too. So it's helpful to have some way to track it that is easily uploaded."

Apps can sync with your doctor's office so you can talk about your levels at your appointment, she adds.

New fitness gadgets that can be clipped onto your belt or worn around your wrist measure physical activity, and they can upload your heart rate or number of steps to social media sites like Facebook. "This can keep you motivated if you have an exercise or weight loss goal," Moore says.

Your phone is another tool to help you stay healthy, Vigersky says. For example, your doctor can send you a text or an email or call to remind you to test your blood sugar, take your medicine, or check for cuts on your feet.

"These are things we normally tell you but every few months at your appointment," he says. "This is a new approach to help educate you and keep you on track."

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Reviewed on August 17, 2015

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