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    Smart Testing Can Help You Control Your Diabetes


    This switch is part of a move away from a kind of one-size-fits-all thinking and toward more individualized care.

    Why? The old mantra was that better control led to fewer complications, Allweiss says. And that works OK for people who are healthy despite the diabetes. But then doctors figured out that tight control of the disease might not be safe for people with other conditions like heart disease.

    Tracking Trends

    All this testing means nothing if you don’t keep track of the results. Many glucose meters now do that for you. You can also keep a log. A full lifestyle diary that includes your eating and exercise habits, and how you feel at different times of the day, can also be a big help.

    There’s lots to monitor and lots to learn. Your self-testing is a big part of it. One number doesn’t tell the story.

    A number by itself is just a number, Allweiss says. “We want to look at a pattern.”

    The steps to take after testing, of course, are simple enough: Talk to your doctors, learn what all those numbers mean, and figure out how you can meet your blood-sugar goals.

    “Diabetes requires a lot of education. It isn’t like taking a pill and seeing a doctor twice a year. You have to be engaged,” Goldstein says. “We have great tools now, and we need to teach people how to use them. People have to know what to do -- and then they have to do it.”

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    Reviewed on December 15, 2015

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