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Diabetes Wound Care

How can you avoid crippling diabetes infections? Self-care is your first line of defense. Here are simple steps to get you started.

Diabetes Wound Care Checklist

What's in Your Diabetes First Aid Kit?
Diabetes wound care starts with you -- and a well-stocked first aid kit. Prevent infection. Use this checklist of must-have items to keep at home.

Diabetes: Caring for Your Skin and Feet

15 Warning Signs of Diabetes Infection
Fever. Rash. Tenderness. Do you know the symptoms of an infection? To catch infections early, know these 15 warning signs.
Diabetes Head to Toe: Caring for Your Skin
You can lower the risks of diabetes complications. Keep your skin healthy and hydrated: Get on track with these simple guidelines.
Quick Tips: Managing Diabetes Foot Problems
Diabetes can damage the nerves in your feet. Reduce your risk for foot sores: get the right shoes and the right home care. These quick tips can help.

Video: Cutting-Edge Diabetes Wound Care

New Skin for Diabetes Foot Wounds
Substitute skin: It's not the stuff of science fiction, but medical fact. Can this simple outpatient procedure help heal chronic diabetes foot sores?
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