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    What to Ask Your Doctor About Insulin

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    Ask what to do if your blood sugar doesn’t stay within range, and how often you need to have your A1C level tested.

    What side effects could I have from the insulin?

    The most common side effects are low blood sugar and weight gain. Ask your doctor what others you might have, and what to do if you get them.

    How should I store my insulin?

    Most insulin makers recommend storing it in the refrigerator, but injecting cold insulin can be uncomfortable. Make sure it’s at room temperature before injecting. Ask your doctor whether to store your insulin in the fridge or at room temperature. Also find out how long your insulin will last, and how to tell if it has gone bad.

    Can I reuse syringes?

    Doing so can lower your costs. Ask your doctor if that’s safe for you, and how to keep your syringes clean, so you don’t get an infection. If you throw out your syringes after each use, ask how to safely dispose of them.

    Questions Your Doctor Might Ask You

    • How do you feel while taking your insulin?
    • Have you noticed any side effects?
    • How are you responding to your insulin dose? Are you having any problems with high or low blood sugar?
    • Have you had any trouble using your insulin syringe, pen, or pump?
    • Do you know how to store and dispose of your used syringes or needles?

    If you have any questions between doctor visits, write them down so you remember to ask them next time. Your doctor can check on your progress so that you can successfully manage your diabetes.

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