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Help for Diabetes and Kidney Damage

If you have signs of early kidney damage, you can take action to treat it.

  • Lifestyle changes. If you eat healthier and exercise more, it can have a big impact on your blood glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure level. All of these have an impact on kidney disease. Some people benefit from a diet that's low in protein. If you smoke, quit.
  • Home monitoring. Besides checking your blood glucose at home, you may need to keep close track of your blood pressure.
  • Drugs. Drugs called ACE-inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) can help slow or prevent kidney disease if you have diabetes.


Diabetes and Kidney Disease: Take Control of Your Health

If you have diabetes, or even prediabetes, don't be afraid to push to find out about your chance of having of kidney problems. "The biggest mistake is not to ask your doctor," Stanton says. If you get the tests and don't have any signs of kidney problems, you'll be relieved. If you do have some signs, the sooner you start treatment the better.

"Aggressive management of diabetes and kidney disease can make a huge difference," Stanton says, "but you have to know you have the condition before you can get treatment."