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  1. Quick-Sugar Foods - Topic Overview

    Because you are at risk for low blood sugar levels,either because you have diabetes or some other health condition that can cause low blood sugar,you need to keep some type of food with you at all times that can quickly raise your blood sugar level. Eating quick-sugar food puts glucose into your bloodstream in about 5 minutes. Glucose or sucrose is the best choice,but any quick-sugar food on ...

  2. Type 1 Diabetes in Children: Making Mealtime Happier - Topic Overview

    Some tips to make mealtimes more pleasant when your young child has type 1 diabetes include: Setting up expectations (and consequences) for staying at the table during mealtime. Keep mealtimes positive and enjoyable. Offer a variety of healthy choices to your child. Avoid: Preparing an alternative meal during or shortly after a meal. Frequently reminding your child to eat during the meal. ...

  3. Diabetes in Children: Counting Carbs

    Carbohydrate counting is a skill that can help you and your child plan his or her meals to manage diabetes and control blood sugar. Carbohydrate counting also can allow your child to eat a variety of foods, just like other kids, and to increase his or her sense of control and confidence in managing diabetes.When you and your child know how much carbohydrate is in food, you can spread the nutrient

  4. Diabetes in Children: Food Issues at School - Topic Overview

    New challenges emerge when your child with diabetes begins school. Starting a good communication system with key people at the school can make this transition relatively smooth. It's helpful to schedule a conference with school personnel-principal,teachers,coaches,bus driver,school nurse,and lunchroom workers-after your child is first diagnosed. Do this again at the beginning of each ...

  5. Diabetes: Items You Need to Manage Your Health

    If you or a loved one has diabetes, it's important to have diabetes essentials on hand. Use this list from WebMD to gather what you need in case of emergency.

  6. 6 Lifestyle Changes to Help Control Your Diabetes

    If you have diabetes, try these six lifestyle changes to help control your blood sugars.

  7. Diabetes and Exercise: Ideas to Get You Moving

    Exercise is essential for people with diabetes -- and it doesn't have to hurt. Read tips for getting started and sticking with an exercise plan.

  8. Diabetic Nephropathy - Treatment Overview

    Diabetic nephropathy is treated with medications that lower blood pressure and protect the kidneys. These medications may reverse kidney damage and are started as soon as any amount of protein is found in the urine (microalbuminuria).

  9. Type 1 Diabetes: Children Living With the Disease - Other Treatment

    Avoid products that promise a 'cure' for type 1 diabetes. No such cure exists.

  10. Type 1 Diabetes: Children Living With the Disease - Exams and Tests

    A child with type 1 diabetes needs to visit his or her doctor at least every 3 to 4 months. During these visits, the doctor reviews your child's blood sugar level records and asks about any problems you and your child may have.

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