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  1. Ketones

    A ketone test checks for ketones in your blood or urine.

  2. Type 1 Diabetes: Children Living With the Disease - Topic Overview

    An overview of type 1 diabetes in children.

  3. Diabetes Guide - Symptoms

    Many women are surprised to learn they have gestational diabetes because they have no symptoms. If you do have symptoms from gestational diabetes, they may include:Increased thirst.Increased urination.Increased hunger.Blurred vision.Pregnancy causes most women to have to urinate more often and to feel more hungry, so having these symptoms does not always mean that a woman has gestational ...

  4. Diabetes: Counting Carbs if You Use Insulin

    Carbohydrate counting is an important skill to help you maintain tight control of your blood sugar (glucose) level when you have type 1 diabetes. It gives you the flexibility to eat what you want and increases your sense of control and confidence in managing your diabetes.Key points:Carbohydrate counting helps you maintain your blood sugar at a safe level.Carbohydrate counting allows you to ...

  5. Diabetes Guide - Prevention

    In some women, gestational diabetes cannot be prevented. However, you may be able to lower your chance of getting gestational diabetes by maintaining a healthy weight and not gaining too much weight during pregnancy. Regular exercise can also help keep your blood sugar level within a safe range and prevent gestational diabetes.If you have had gestational diabetes, you are at risk of developing it

  6. Diabetic Autonomic Neuropathy - Topic Overview

    Autonomic neuropathy is caused by damage to the nerves that help control the involuntary functions of the body ( autonomic nervous system ),such as heartbeat and blood pressure,sweating and temperature regulation,digestion,urination,and some aspects of sexual function. Heart and circulatory system problems Diabetic autonomic neuropathy may damage the nerves in the heart and circulatory ...

  7. Type 1 Diabetes: Children Living With the Disease - Prevention

    Learn ways to help prevent complications from type 1 diabetes in children.

  8. Type 1 Diabetes: Children Living With the Disease - Symptoms

    Learn the symptoms of low and high blood sugar in children with type 1 diabetes.

  9. Diabetes in Children: Preventing High Blood Sugar

    High blood sugar, also called hyperglycemia, occurs when the sugar (glucose) level in the blood rises above normal. For a person who has diabetes, high blood sugar may be caused by missed oral diabetes medication or insulin injection, eating too much, skipping physical activity, or illness or stress. The rapid growth during the teen years can also make it more difficult to keep your child's blood

  10. Diabetes Guide - Exams and Tests

    Almost all women are tested for gestational diabetes between the 24th and 28th weeks of pregnancy. If your doctor thinks you are at increased risk for developing gestational diabetes, you may be tested earlier.Gestational diabetes is diagnosed with a two - part test called an oral glucose tolerance test. In the first part, your blood sugar is tested 1 hour after you drink a small cup of a sweet ..

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