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Insulin Pump Therapy Improves Diabetic Control in Young People


"The youths on pump therapy loved their new regimen," says Boland. "They told me they felt that the 'diabetes clock' had been taken away -- that they had been freed from the tyranny of having to take multiple injections and freed from the necessity of awakening early to take morning insulin and then having to eat."

Overall, the youngsters using pump therapy "found coping with diabetes to be less difficult" than a similar group of young people on multiple injections, says Boland.

"This is an important study for diabeteologists, their young patients, and the parents of those patients -- for anyone who has faced the challenge of how to help young people improve their blood glucose control," Levy, an endocrinologist who treats a large number of pump users, tells WebMD.

"Both parents and physicians had feared that adolescents couldn't handle insulin pumping -- that they would experience frequent episodes of severe hypoglycemia. This study should calm those fears," says Levy.

"The message of the study is that with appropriate diabetes education, self-management training, and educational support, young people can be motivated to use insulin pumps to maintain nearly normal [blood sugar] levels with much fewer episodes of hypoglycemia than what we used to expect during intensive diabetes management," says Levy.

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