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    Diabetes in Children: Care Plan for School or Day Care - Topic Overview


    You may hear a care plan called a "504" plan. 504 refers to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 1991, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. These are laws that protect people who have disabilities. It means that schools that have federal funding cannot discriminate against children who have disabilities, and that includes children who have diabetes.1 You can find a Diabetes Medical Management Plan on the American Diabetes Association's website.

    You will need to give the staff all of the materials and equipment they need to care for your child, including supplies to do a home blood sugar test, insulin, syringes, glucagon (if it's in the care plan), and materials for testing ketones. And you need to teach the staff how to use these materials. Remind the staff that your child needs access to the materials and equipment at all times, even on a field trip. Now and then, check the expiration dates of supplies your child has at school.

    The child care center or school should provide safe storage for your child's medicines. Also, they should provide a private place for your child to receive care, if desired.

    The child care center or school should provide an adult staff member and a backup person who are:1

    • Able to test your child's blood sugar level, record the results, and take the correct action for high or low blood sugar levels.
    • Trained to give insulin and glucagon, if needed.
    • Able to test your child's urine or blood for ketones and know what to do if the results are not normal.
    • Aware of your child's meal and snack schedule and can remind your child when it is time to eat again.

    Also, your child should have permission to:

    • Eat a snack anywhere, including the classroom and school bus. Make sure this is in the diabetes care plan.
    • Use the restroom and drink liquids as needed.
    • See school health personnel whenever he or she asks.
    • Miss school (without consequences) for medical appointments.
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