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    Type 2 Diabetes in Children - When To Call a Doctor

    Call 911 or other emergency services right away if your child:

    • Has symptoms of hyperosmolar state, such as:
      • Blurred vision.
      • Trouble staying awake or trouble being woken up.
      • Fast, deep breathing.
      • Breath that smells fruity.
      • Belly pain, not feeling hungry, and vomiting.
      • Feeling confused.
    Less common in type 2 diabetes is diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), which has symptoms similar to those of hyperosmolar state. But DKA is still possible and very dangerous.
    • Has passed out (lost consciousness) or has suddenly become very sleepy or confused. (Your child may have very low blood sugar, called hypoglycemia.)
    Low Blood Sugar: Emergency Care

    Call a doctor if your child:

    Sick-Day Guidelines for People With Diabetes
    • Has blood sugar that stays higher than the level the doctor has set for your child, for example, 240 mg/dL for two or more readings.
    • Has blood sugar that stays lower than the level the doctor has set for your child, for example, 70 mg/dL for two or more readings.
    • Has symptoms of low blood sugar, such as:

    Check with your doctor if your child:

    Watchful waiting

    Watchful waiting is a period of time during which you and your doctor observe your child's symptoms or condition without using medical treatment. Watchful waiting is not appropriate if:

    • You think your child may have symptoms of type 2 diabetes. A simple blood test is all that is needed to determine whether your child has the disease.
    • Your child is overweight and gets little or no exercise. He or she is at risk for diabetes. Early detection and treatment for type 2 diabetes can prevent or delay complications from the disease.
    • You have been told that your child has prediabetes. This condition can lead to type 2 diabetes. If your child eats a healthy diet and exercises regularly, he or she may not develop diabetes.
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