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Tracking Devices for Diabetes Patients

The Big Picture

The high-tech revolution makes it easier to share info with your doctor. Now you can give not only glucose readings but also your diet, exercise, and sleep.

Once you track for a while, you'll see connections.

  • Compare your glucose spikes with your food tracker. How much is that snack from the vending machine truly affecting you?
  • How does a few weeks of exercise affect your blood pressure?
  • When your tracker shows you slept restlessly for a week, does it affect your blood sugar readings?

Is there something you need to improve? Also congratulate yourself for what you're doing right.

When you self-track, you see the rewards of healthy habits now. A drop in your blood sugar and blood pressure after a few weeks of exercise is a real reason to stick with it.

Diabetes often has no outward symptoms, so you can't rely on your body to tell you how it's affecting you. Your suite of gadgets can fill in that gap -- your glucometer, fitness tracker, and others. They'll give you an idea of what's really going on and help you prevent complications.

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Reviewed by Michael W. Smith, MD on December 03, 2013
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