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On the Road: Traveling With Diabetes

Taking Insulin While Traveling

If you need an insulin injection during a flight, follow your normal procedure. But put only half as much air as usual into your insulin bottle. Air pressure on the plane is not the same as on the ground.

If you take inhaled insulin on a plane, you don't need to do anything different.

Store your insulin bottles and unopened packages of inhaled insulin between 33 F and 80 F. Don't freeze insulin or keep it in direct sun. Once you open a package of inhaled insulin, you can keep it at room temperature safely for 10 days.

Caring for Your Feet

You want to keep your feet feeling comfy. Pack your favorite walking shoes, socks, and a first-aid kit to treat minor foot injuries.

Bring at least two pairs of shoes so you can change them often. This can help you avoid blisters and sore pressure points.

As tempting as it may be, don't go barefoot -- not even by the pool or shore or as you swim.

Avoid open-toe shoes like sandals or flip-flops. Exposed toes make injury and infection more likely.

Follow your daily foot-care routine when you’re away. For instance, wash your feet, dry between your toes, moisturize, and note any problems like cuts or soreness.

If you have any problems, seek medical attention right away, just like you would at home.


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