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    11 Exercise Tips for Type 2 Diabetes

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    9. Be good to your feet. Wear athletic shoes that are in good shape and are the right type for your activity. For instance, don't jog in tennis shoes, because your foot needs a different type of support when you run. Check and clean your feet daily. Let your doctor know if you notice any new foot problems.

    10. Hydrate. Drink water before, during, and after exercise.

    11. Stop if something suddenly hurts. If your muscles are mildly sore, that's normal. Sudden pain isn't. You're not likely to get injured unless you do too much, too soon.

    10 Health Benefits You'll Get

    Remember how much exercise does for you, including:

    1. Helps your body use insulin, which controls your blood sugar
    2. Burns extra body fat
    3. Strengthens muscles and bones
    4. Lowers blood pressure
    5. Cuts LDL (“bad”) cholesterol
    6. Raises HDL (“good”) cholesterol
    7. Improves blood flow
    8. Makes heart disease and stroke less likely
    9. Boosts energy and mood
    10. Tames stress

    How Does Exercise Affect Blood Sugar?

    When you exercise, your body needs extra energy from blood sugar, also called glucose.

    When you do something quickly, like a sprint to catch the bus, your muscles and liver release glucose for fuel.

    The big payoff comes when you do moderate exercise for a longer time, like a hike. Your muscles take up much more glucose when you do that. This helps lower your blood sugar levels.

    If you're doing intense exercise, your blood sugar levels may rise, temporarily, after you stop.

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