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    Videos Related to Diabetes

    1. Video: How Insulin Lowers Blood Sugar

      Find out where insulin comes from, where it goes, and how it works to lower your blood sugar along the way.

    2. Video: 4 Things to Keep in Your Diabetes Bag

      Four essentials to keep with you if you have diabetes.

    3. Video: How to Manage Diabetes

      Our expert offers everyday tips to help manage your diabetes.

    4. Video: Type 2 Diabetes Complications

      WebMD lays out ways you can lower your risk for problems that come with diabetes.

    5. Video: How to Lower Your A1c

      See why it’s important to get your numbers checked and keep them under control.

    6. Video: Diabetes and Your Diet

      What’s this about the Mediterranean diet and diabetes? What should you watch out for at restaurants? And should you avoid carbs altogether?

    7. Video: Is There a Special Diet for Diabetes?

      What’s the best meal plan to manage your blood sugar?

    8. Video: What Is the Glycemic Index?

      Is it a useful tool for diabetes? And are foods with a low glycemic index better for you?

    9. Video: Is Sugar the Only Thing to Watch Out for With Diabetes?

      It’s important to keep tabs on how much sugar you eat when you have diabetes. But are there other foods to watch out for, too?

    10. Video: Healthy Habits With Diabetes

      Healthy diet and lifestyle habits can help keep your blood sugar levels in check.

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