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    Health Risks Before Elementary School continued...

    Across the board, the heavier the children were, the more likely they were to have high blood pressurehigh blood pressure, high cholesterolhigh cholesterol, and insulin resistanceinsulin resistance, a factor that often leads to type 2 diabetes. Researchers found lower levels of "good" HDL cholesterolHDL cholesterol and higher blood markers of inflammation associated with heart disease in the heaviest children.

    "We saw these problems in children as young as ages 4 to 6, and found that about one in three developed significant health risks very quickly -- especially high blood pressure," she says. "We will now investigate how we can reverse these problems with weight lossweight loss and other factors."

    Interestingly, despite previous research that suggests metabolic syndrome occurs more frequently in minorities, especially Hispanics, the study shows obese white children had slightly higher rates of metabolic syndrome.

    "We found no differences depending on ethnicity," she says. "Being obese is dangerous for children and adults, no matter who you are."

    Help Kids Slim Down Before Puberty

    These findings stress the need for treating childhood obesity as early as possible -- ideally, before children reach puberty.

    "Work that we've funded has shown that it's easier to treat obese children than to treat adults," says Gilman Grave, MD, chief of the Endocrinology, NutritionNutrition and Growth branch of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, an agency of the NIH.

    "Pre-pubertal treatment of obesity lasts longest in terms of keeping weight off, so it would be behoove parents of obese children to try to do something before rather than after they reach puberty.

    "People used to say children will grow out of obesity as they get older and taller, but unfortunately, this isn't proving to be true for 15% of kids who, by definition, are obese," he tells WebMD.

    Grave calls Caprio's study "very powerful and exciting" because it demonstrates the magnitude of dangers associated with higher levels of obesity.

    "It's very surprising how there is a dose-response effect, really," he says. "For each step increase in body weight and obesity, you get an increase in all of the cardiovascular risk factors.

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