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    How Does Your Hometown Weigh In?

    Jan. 6, 2005 - Feeling hefty in Houston or svelte in Seattle? You're not alone. A new report shows that Houston once again weighs in as the fattest city in America while Seattle ranks as the fittest.

    Men's Fitness magazine ranked the 50 largest U.S. cities based on a variety of factors related to obesityobesity and fitness, such as percentage of obese residents, recreation facilities, sports activities, and number of junk food outlets.

    After crunching the numbers, Houston emerged as America's fattest city in 2005. Houston temporarily lost the top spot to Detroit in 2004 but held the dubious honor from 2001 to 2003.

    Houston was joined by two other Texas cities in the top 10 fattest cities, Dallas and San Antonio, suggesting that bigger isn't necessarily better for the residents of the Lone Star state. Three other cities, Memphis, New Orleans, and New York, also bulked up and climbed more than 10 spots to make an appearance in the top 10.

    On the positive side, the report shows that some cities are slimming down, as Seattle rose from No. 6 on the fittest list to No. 1, followed by Honolulu and Colorado Springs.

    Here's how the rest fared:

    25 Fattest Cities
    RankCityRank in 2004
    4Memphis, Tenn.20
    7New Orleans22
    8New York21
    9Las Vegas16
    10San Antonio4
    11El Paso, Texas24
    14Fort Worth, Texas6
    15Mesa, Ariz.12
    16Columbus, Ohio10
    17Wichita, Kan.16*
    18Kansas City, Mo.14
    20Long Beach, Calif.23*
    21Oklahoma City13
    22Tulsa, Okla.19
    24Charlotte, N.C.22*
    * Ranking in the top 25 fittest cities in 2004

    25 Fittest Cities
    RankCityRank in 2004
    3Colorado Springs, Colo.5
    4San Francisco2
    6Portland, Ore.8
    7Sacramento, Calif.10
    8Tucson, Ariz.9
    9San Diego14
    10Albuquerque, N.M.12
    12Virginia Beach, Va.3
    13Minneapolis, Minn.18
    14Fresno, Calif.15
    15Milwaukee, Wis.21
    16Omaha, Neb.11
    17San Jose, Calif.20
    18Jacksonville, Fla.13
    19Austin, Texas19
    20Oakland, Calif.17
    21Los Angeles25
    22Arlington, Texas8*
    25Nashville-Davidson, Tenn.24
    * Ranking in the top 25 fattest cities in 2004

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