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    Honor Mom Without Sabotaging Her Diet

    Pamper her, show her how much you care: Moms everywhere deserve to be treated specially on Mother's Day. Whether you're celebrating your mom or another special woman in your life, what better way to mark her special day than by showing her you support her efforts to improve her diet and her health?

    You see, celebrating Mother's Day does not have to result in diet sabotage -- if you honor Mom the healthy way! Here are some tips to help you do just that (if you're the lucky mother being honored, print them out for your family to see).

    Brunch Fit for a Queen

    Consider celebrating mom by serving her a nutritious and delicious Sunday brunch fit for a queen. Mother's Day should be easy on the cook -- and that cook should not be mom. Let the kids help -- it can be fun for them to do it without her.

    Look for recipes that are both healthy and easy for you (and the kids) to prepare. Check out our healthy Mother's Day recipes from Elaine Magee, our Recipe Doctor. And make as many dishes ahead of time as possible. This way, the meal will be fun and more relaxing for you and your special lady.

    Adorn the table with fresh flowers and handmade crafts from the children. Set a special place setting at the table with pretty china and silver and a cloth napkin -- or deliver the feast on a tray while mom luxuriates in bed. And don't forget to leave the kitchen even cleaner than before you started!

    Eating Out on the Town

    If you want to celebrate by taking mom out to eat, choose a restaurant she loves, but stay clear of those hard-to-resist buffet restaurants. At most other restaurants, it's easy to make healthy choices. Check out our expert tips on how to do this.

    If you just can't decide where to take mom on her special day, just ask her! She might decide to skip the diet this one time, splurge on a special meal, and enjoy a little indulgence. This is not a problem, as long as she remembers to watch her portion sizes and does a little preplanning in preparation of the feast.

    A good strategy for her would be to bank some extra calories throughout the week and get some extra exercise in anticipation of the celebration. Come Monday morning, she can get right back on the WebMD Weight Loss Clinic program.

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