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Do you have trouble getting 25-38 grams of dietary fiber each day, the amount recommended by the Institute of Medicine for better health? If so, start your day with one of these easy high-fiber breakfasts. They are delicious, and, just as important, they contain fiber and protein to help you feel full and satisfied until lunch.

  1. Fruit and Nutty Oatmeal. Make your favorite oatmeal with nonfat or low-fat milk. Then top it with a tablespoon of dried fruits and unsalted chopped nuts. Dried fruits with the most fiber are apricots, dates, plums, and raisins. Making oatmeal with low-fat milk results in a creamy, flavorful taste. Add flax seeds for crunch and even more fiber. 336 calories and 6 g fiber.
  2. Chunky Monkey English Muffin. Top a whole wheat English muffin with a tablespoon of chunky peanut butter. Add sliced banana and top with raisins for a perennial favorite of both kids and adults. 303 calories and 8 g fiber.
  3. High-Fiber Cereal With Fruit. What could be easier than a bowl of high-fiber cereal topped with fruit and low-fat milk? Berries top the list of fruits with the most fiber, so choose blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, or raspberries, either fresh or frozen. Choose a cereal with at least 5 grams of fiber per serving, such as bran flakes or shredded wheat. 242 calories and 10 g fiber.
  4. Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancakes or Waffles. Substitute whole wheat flour in your favorite pancake or waffle batter, then toss in fresh or frozen blueberries. Top it with more blueberries for a warm and yummy breakfast everyone will love. This might make a great Saturday family breakfast, especially if you are crunched for time on weekdays. 234 calories and 5 g fiber.
  5. Veggie Scramble, Whole Grain Toast, and Tomato Juice. Scramble an egg, and toss in a handful of spinach leaves or leftover broccoli from dinner last night to make a healthy scramble. Toast the whole grain bread, English muffin, or bagel and serve it with a glass of tomato juice for a fast and easy fiber-rich meal. 234 calories and 6 g fiber.
  6. Blackberry Yogurt Breakfast Parfait. Colorful and wholesome, this breakfast parfait looks like dessert when served in a clear glass to show off the beautiful layers of blackberries and low-fat vanilla yogurt topped with a tablespoon of granola. Prepare the parfait the night before (but add the granola right before eating) for a super-fast, delicious breakfast. 272 calories and 6 g fiber.
  7. Strawberry Banana Smoothie. Start with one cup of strawberries. Add ½ cup plain, nonfat Greek style yogurt, ½ banana, ½ cup orange juice, and a few ice cubes. Blend in the blender and you have a healthy meal in minutes. This is a winner for people who don't really like to eat first thing in the morning but don't mind drinking a sweet concoction. 234 calories and 5 g fiber.
  8. Breakfast Bean Burrito. Scramble one egg, toss in ¼ cup black beans, and place in the center of a warmed 5" whole grain tortilla. Top with a tablespoon of salsa and wrap it up for a high-fiber treat that you can eat on the go. 253 calories and 7 g fiber.

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