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    Cruising the Dairy Aisle continued...

    Here are some guidelines for journaling smoothies and yogurt drinks found in the diary case.

    Journal as 1/2 cup low-fat plain or artificially sweetened yogurt:

    • Dannon Light 'n Fit Carb Control, 7 ounces

    Journal as 1/2 cup low-fat yogurt, sweetened, with fruit or frozen:

    • Dannon Light 'n Fit Smoothie, 7 ounces
    • Hood Carb Countdown Smoothie

    Journal as 1 cup low-fat yogurt or artificially sweetened yogurt:

    • Stoneyfield Farm Juice Smoothie (strawberry or orange wave), 6 ounce
    • Stoneyfield Farm Light Smoothie, 10 ounces
    • Horizon Organic Smoothie, 6 ounces

    Journal as 1 1/2 cup low-fat or artificially sweetened yogurt:

    • Yoplait Nouriche Light, 11 ounces
    • Stoneyfield Farm Low Fat Yogurt Smoothie, 6 ounces
    • Odwalla Soymilk Future Shake, 8 ounces

    Journal as 1, 8-ounce meal replacement drink + 1/2 cup skim or low-fat milk:

    • Dannon Frusion, 10 ounces
    • Stoneyfield Farm Low-fat Yogurt Smoothie, 10 ounces

    At the Smoothie Stand

    We flock in numbers to smoothie/juice stands such as Planet Smoothie, Smoothie King, and Jamba Juice to enjoy concoctions with catchy names like Caribbean Passion or Mango A Go Go. Some of these refreshing drinks are low in calories and high in nutrients -- but others serve up as many as 600 calories per serving.

    To make a healthy choice, choose a drink with fresh fruit, fruit juice, low-fat yogurt, milk, or tofu. Stay clear of high-calorie ingredients such as turbinado (a fancy name for sugar), protein powder, peanut butter, ice cream, and whole milk. And to bring the portion into the normal range, split the 12- or 16-ounce drink with a friend. Journal a half portion of a healthy-choice smoothie as 8-ounce meal replacement drink, and enjoy!

    At a Coffeehouse

    We can't seem to get enough coffee and tea served up specialty-style at gathering spots such as Starbucks and Caribou. The good news is you can have it your way: Order your beverage with skim or soy milk, and without whipped cream or special flavorings. Also, be sure to have a small portion, pass on the added flavoring syrups and whipped cream, and use low-fat milk and artificial sweeteners, if any.

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