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Make Time for Fitness

Finding time for daily physical activity is one of the most important strategies to avoid holiday weight gain. Do everything you can to maintain your routine and fit in fitness each day. It burns calories, keeps your muscles strong -- and helps you cope with the stress that is often associated with the season.

On party days, pump it up a notch. If you usually walk for 45 minutes, try to push it to an hour. Adding a little intensity or duration to your physical activity will allow you to splurge a little at the festive gathering.

Bring a Healthy Dish

Arrive at the party with a dish to share with family and friends. Most hostesses delight in letting guests add to the bounty, and it gives you a chance to make sure there is healthy food for you to enjoy.

Browse our recipe collection or ask our "Recipe Doctor," Elaine Magee to lighten your favorite holiday dish.

Host a Nutritious Party

I will eat whatever you serve me at your house, but when you come to mine, expect to enjoy the taste of eating right. My family always insists on bringing the sweet-potato casserole at Thanksgiving because otherwise, they know they will be served plain, roasted sweet potatoes that bubble with natural caramelized sugars.

The stuffing in my turkey is full of apples, celery, onions, whole-grain bread and nuts, with a minimum of fat. Veggies are simply prepared and abundant on the table. Gravy is defatted, mashed potatoes are made with low-fat milk and fat-free sour cream, and salad dressings and dips are made with low-fat ingredients. It really is easy to cook healthfully, as long as you're equipped with good recipes.

Call it the curse of a dietitian. Healthy cooking is in my veins, and as a result, my holiday meals and parties are always a dieter's delight. Let me assure you, the food is wonderful, because nutritious and delicious can be synonymous.

So why not give it a try? Let this be your year to host a healthy holiday affair.

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