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9 Ways to Take Your Diet on Vacation

Food and travel don't have to add up to diet disaster.

Vacation Diet Tip No. 9: Have Dessert, but Share

Part of being on vacation is enjoying life, and part of enjoying life is ordering dessert when you really want to. If your meal has left you satisfied, you can take your dessert with you and enjoy it later when you are hungry again. You can also share your dessert with one or more dining partners, either at the table or later on.

Often it's the first few bites that we most enjoy anyway. So aim for satisfying your dessert craving with a handful of bites that you take the time to savor.

Healthier Fast Food

Whether you're on the road or in the airport, it seems like just about anywhere you go, you'll find fast food. This can be a good thing; where else can you feed a family of four with a $20 bill? Plus you know what to expect from familiar fast-food chains.


Here are some of the more healthful, low-calorie menu choices at some popular fast-food chains. Keep in mind that most fast-food chains have web sites, so it's easy to look for healthier options before you hit the road. 


                                                Calories            Fat       Sat. Fat                  Protein        Fiber



Jack in the Box Breakfast

Jack                                         287                   12 g      4 g                6 g            1 g

Burger King Ham Omelet

Sandwich                                  290                   12         4.5 g             13 g          1 g

McDonalds Egg McMuffin           300                   12 g      5 g                18 g          2 g

McDonalds Hotcakes

(no syrup or margarine)                 350                 9 g        2 g                 8 g           3 g


                                                Calories            Fat       Sat. Fat        Protein      Fiber


Chick-fil-A Chargrilled

Chicken Sandwich                     260                   3 g        0.5g                  27 g      7 g

KFC Tender Roast Sandwich

(no sauce)                                 300                   4 g        1.5 g                 34 g      0 g

KFC Honey BBQ Sandwich        310                   4 g        1 g                    23 g      1 g

KFC OR Filet Sandwich

(no sauce)                                 370                   12 g      2.5 g                 25 g      2 g

Burger King BK Big Fish Sandwich

(no tartar sauce)                        460                   13 g      2.5 g                 23 g      3 g


                                                Calories            Fat       Sat. Fat        Protein      Fiber


Chick-fil-A Chargrilled Garden

Salad (no dressing)                      170                 6 g        3.5 g                 22 g      4 g

Arby's Chopped Farmhouse Grilled

Chicken Salad (no dressing)       229                   11 g      6 g                    20 g      2 g

Chick-fil-A Southwest

Chargrilled Salad                        240                   9 g        4 g                    25 g      5 g

McDonalds Bacon Ranch Salad

w/ Grilled Chicken (no dressing)  260                   9 g        4 g                    33 g      3 g

Carl's Jr Charbroiled Chicken Salad

(low-fat balsamic dressing)          285                   10.5 g   2.5 g                 29 g      4 g

McDonalds Southwest Salad w/

Grilled Chicken (no dressing)      320                   9 g        3 g                    30 g      6 g

Taco Bell Fresco Style Zesty

Chicken Border Bowl

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