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  1. Water and Your Diet: Staying Slim and Regular With H2O

    If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you’ve probably heard a lot about water and weight loss. Can drinking more water really help you lose weight? The short answer is yes -- and no. If you’re already well hydrated and getting plenty of water, getting more water into your diet probably won’t make a l

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  2. What Are the Best Sources of Drinking Water?

    If you don’t live in the New York City area, you might be surprised to learn that the big, crowded, congested city has some of the purest and safest drinking water in the world. That’s because it’s invested millions of dollars in protecting its drinking water, which comes from a system of reservoirs

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  3. Summer Corn -- More Than Delicious

    Nothing says summer quite like corn on the cob -- maybe because of the veggie’s climatic roots. Scientists believe the people of central Mexico developed corn from teosinte, a wild grass, at least 7,000 years ago. Also known as maize, corn eventually spread north to the southwestern United States an

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  4. The Truth Behind the Top 10 Dietary Supplements

    A visit to the health food store can be an overwhelming experience. It's tough to figure out what to choose from among the dizzying assortment of dietary and nutritional supplements on the shelf. From vitamins to minerals to weight loss pills, there are thousands of options to choose from. But do yo

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  5. Expert Q&A: Eating With Food Allergies

    An estimated 12 million Americans suffer from food allergies. Dairy and wheat are just a few of the foods that can cause reactions and allergies in adults and children. Food allergies and reactions can be confusing. Often, it's not easy to figure out which foods contain ingredients that may trigger

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  6. Sweets and Treats in a Healthy Diet

    When it comes to eating healthfully, most people wonder where sweets fit in, especially if they are overweight or on a diet. Desserts, chips, junk food, and most sweets are usually the first to go when slashing calories.  Not so fast, say the experts.  Whether your family prefers dessert after dinne

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  7. Grocery Savvy: Calories Count

    When Kim Clarkson enrolled in Live Healthy Iowa last December, a program designed to encourage residents of the state to be more active, her goal was to lose 24 pounds. But she knew at the outset that it would take more than a brisk walk during her lunch hour. “I realized I was going to have to cut

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  8. Small Changes to Get Healthier

    By Richard Laliberte To be successful at any big undertaking — starting a new career, salvaging a shaky marriage, mastering a foreign language — you have to "give it 110 percent," as the saying goes. But when it comes to what may be the most important change of all — revitalizing your health — you m

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  9. Sports Drinks

    Q: Everyone at my gym seems to be drinking energy drinks. Do they really give you more "oomph?" And are they healthy? A: Energy drinks are all the rage among not just athletes but also young adults. And hundreds of varieties are currently available, including Rage, Pimp Juice, Red Bull, and Monster.

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  10. 9 Ways to Take Your Diet on Vacation

    Expert tips for choosing healthy restaurant foods and enjoying your vacation without blowing your diet.

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