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  1. 8 Tricks for Surviving the Mall Food Court

    You set the alarm, get up early, and race to the mall for a day of power shopping. Then, a few hours later, you feel tired and cranky -- and realize you've been so consumed with shopping that you haven't eaten in hours. So you head to the mall food court -- where if you're not careful, you could inh

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  2. Top 10 Holiday Diet Tips of All Time

    Holidays bring family and friends together to celebrate traditions and spread good cheer. They also bring lots of opportunities for socializing, eating, and drinking. Even the most disciplined people struggle with temptation during the holiday season. To navigate the party landmines with your health

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  3. 10 Tips for a Thinner Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving only comes around once a year, so why not go ahead and splurge? Because gaining weight during the holiday season is a national pastime. Year after year, most of us pack on at least a pound (some gain more) during the holidays -- and keep the extra weight permanently. But Thanksgiving do

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  4. 10 Tips for Finding the Best Diet That Works for You

    It's time to turn over a new leaf and resolve to get your waistline under control -- again. Will it be The South Beach Diet , Lose 21 Pounds in 21 Days, Sonoma, Atkins, The WebMD Weight Loss Clinic, or one of the gazillion other diet options?  With so many to choose from, it's not easy to figure out

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  5. Lose Weight Fast: How to Do It Safely

    We've all heard that crash diets and fad diets don't work for permanent weight loss. But what about those times when you really need to lose weight fast? Follow these healthy tips.

  6. How Randy Jackson Lost 100 Pounds

    American Idol's beloved bassist Randy Jackson turned a lot of heads when he joined his legendary colleagues Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell at the judge's table in 2004. The Grammy Award-winning producer was looking a whole lot slimmer than he had in previous seasons of Fox's blockbuster talent search

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  7. Eat Your Vegetables: 15 Tips for Veggie Haters

    Do you hate vegetables? Here are some tips and recipes to help you learn to love those healthy veggies.

  8. Eat This, Not That for Kids

    The idea behind Eat This Not That for Kids is that by making simple substitutions for their children's favorite dishes, parents can get their kids to eat more healthy foods and improve their diets.

  9. Randy Jackson's Gumbo Ya-Ya Recipe

    Growing up down South, Randy Jackson developed a taste for the richest of fare, and while most of those original recipes are off-limits, he has learned how to enjoy the taste without the calories, fat, and guilt with the help of chef Jeff Parker, a nutritionist, and his own cook. “Even a Baton Rouge

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  10. Randy Jackson's Workout Playlist

    When Randy Jackson hits the treadmill, his iPod is loaded with tunes to get him rolling. Here’s his pumped-up playlist, in order: "Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow,"  Paula Abdul "Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow,"  Paula Abdul (Paul Oakenfold Remix) "Let’s Go to Bed, " The Cure "Being a Girl, "  Van Hu

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